Who Joins The Thriving Creator?

The men and women of this collective (known as "Thrivers") come from all different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: They are creating exciting new things. Our Thrivers use the virtual coworking sessions to write books, build businesses, work on grant proposals, and tackle the other important tasks that movers-and-shakers need to get done.

Read about our Thrivers and what they are creating below.


Peter Will Benjamin

Founder, The Connection Institute

Peter Will Benjamin is a professional coach, intimacy junkie, community builder and the founder of The Connection Institute -- an organization that teaches emotional and relational intelligence.


Will Drucker

Founder, Split Spirits

Will is the CEO + Founder of Split Spirits, a company that makes whiskey from local flavors across the United States.


Kira Stein

Founder, Kira Stein Coaching

Kira holds an M.Ed. in Human Sexuality and is the founder of Kira Stein Coaching, a sexual wellness business. She is also a sex educator, a medical device sales rep for Überlube, and a ballroom dance instructor for Ballroom Bliss in Philly.


Sharon Podobnik

CEO, Go Love Yourself Box

Sharon is the creator of a self-care subscription box. She uses virtual coworking to stay inspired and organized throughout the week, as well as to plan her upcoming subscription boxes.


Natalya Gomez

Assistant Professor, McGill University

Natalya is an assistant professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at McGill University. She uses virtual coworking to apply for grants and plan her lectures.


Kelly Lewis

Women's Travel Maven
Kelly is the founder of Women's Travel Fest, Go! Girl Guides and Damesly. She uses virtual co-working to have undistracted time to work on daily projects, which range from from organizing tours to working on her new book! 

Frances Parker

Chief Habit Builder

Read more about Frances and her wellness coaching services here.


Julie Kostic

Creative Director, JK Creative

JK Creative is led by Julie Kostic, an award-winning Art Director with more than a decade of experience in design and strategy. 


Jo Hoffberg

Lindy Hop Maven

Jo is an international lindy hopper, teacher, vintage performer, & lip sync enthusiast. Read more here.


Sara Ness

Founder, Authentic Revolution

Sara is a facilitator, teacher, consultant, and coach, who has become internationally notorious as the leader of one of the largest Authentic Relating communities in the world. 


Yvette Gorman-Holmes

CEO, Grow Your Moxie Coaching

Read more about Yvette here.


Fei Wyatt

Professional Cuddler

Fei Wyatt is on a mission to bring people closer together. She does this through her intimacy coaching & professional cuddling practice.


Amy Weitzman

Sex and Intimacy Coach

Learn more at loveyoursexuality.com.


David Bradley

CEO, BCG Coaching

Read more about David here.


Alejandra Santaolalla

Founder, BM Kids

Alejandra Santaolalla is an entrepreneur, a women and girls empowerment champion, and a nonprofit strategist.


Justine McDonald

Owner, Dally + Danny

Justine sells custom products for weddings and other celebrations.


Erin Gehn


Erin Elizabeth Anne Gehn is a consultant for business intelligence and analytics. She defines herself as a data and as a fitness enthusiast.


Jessica Schultz


Jess develops the wholesale business or an artistinal bakery and is navigating her fledgling real estate business. 


Elizabeth Tuazon

Founder, WonderPlay Coaching

Elizabeth is the CEO and Founder of WonderPlay Coaching.